Melody and Josh. Married. Southwest Harbor, Maine.

I met Mel through my first year of college. She was always especially kind and I remember her having these gorgeous green eyes. Nothing has changed, she is still super sweet and her eyes still amaze me. However, now she has Josh. He is also a extremely ┬ákind and caring person and I think him and Mel are the perfect match for one another. They are the kind of couple that just seem so content to be in each other’s arms. They both also have huge hearts and some of the greatest sense of family I have ever seen. Their coastal wedding was beautiful, heartfelt, and full of gorgeous Maine sunshine

Here are some of my favorites from their day.


Mel’s dress one one of my favorites of all of my brides. So perfect.



Mel rode to the ceremony via boat… there couldn’t have been a more gorgeous day for it either.


It was so sweet when Mel choked up before walking down the aisle.


… and when she tried to hide her face behind the flowers, I melted.


Blue skies everywhere.


Off to the reception!

0M9A17020M9A17090M9A17070M9A17140M9A17190M9A18190M9A18250M9A2113Love the way he looks at her.

0M9A18320M9A18470M9A18620M9A19000M9A19180M9A19220M9A19300M9A19390M9A19430M9A19520M9A21040M9A21070M9A21230M9A21520M9A2167Josh’s groomsmen love his mom, so they joined in the mother-son dance too.


Mel’s dance with her dad started out slow and sweet…


Then something awes0me happened!


I feel like I haven’t seen a good cake smash all summer! Until these two!


Thank you both so much! xo!

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James and Kim. Married. Calais, Maine.

I had a great weekend celebrating my friend James, from high school marry his gorgeous new wife, Kim in early August. I even got to bring the Hubs along. These two are so relaxed and all about having a good time and showing each other, and all of their loved ones how much they are loved and appreciated. These two have such big hearts and are so deserving of the amazing love they share for one another. Their wedding was a true representation of their fun but laid back personalities and I am so happy I was there to capture it.

James and Kim live on the opposite side of the country In WA so they weren’t able to do engagement photos with me. In between their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner we headed up to James’ family’s farm and had a quick mini e-session. The views were gorgeous.


I didn’t meet Kim until the day before her wedding, so while I did her hair and makeup I got to know her a little bit. I found out that she is an extremely kind and caring person, and also that she drives Tug Boats for a living which I think is pretty BA.


First looks with Dad always make me melt.


Meet Guy. He’s James and Kim’s fur-baby and I’m pretty sure he has a human brain. Such a smart and handsome boy.


Guy delivering his parent’s rings.


Behold… the most epic first kiss ever.


Kim, you are GORGEOUS!


Off to the reception!


The speeches were priceless.


I don’t think smiles left anyone’s faces the whole night.

0M9A84950M9A85620M9A85830M9A86040M9A86620M9A86750M9A8715Thank you both for having me! xo!


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