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Andrew and Kelli are going to be the best parents ever. They’re insanely kind. They’re hilarious. And they love the crap out of each other. They also already love the crap out of their little bun in the oven. I had so much fun in the snow with these two awesome parents to be, and I can’t wait to see the adventures they have with their little girl once she arrives. Thank you both! xo!





I met these two lovely people last January at a wedding I was photographing. Airelle and Justin came up to me at the reception and said “You have to photograph our wedding!” I asked her when it was, and she said “Well, we aren’t really engaged yet.” I loved them from that second and I was so excited to hear from her again several months later when Justin popped the question. These two are so laid back and fun and traveled ALLLL the way to Sebec, Maine for their engagement session. I know their wedding will be a blast and I can’t wait to be there with them. Thank you both! xo!





 After the low temperatures of Max and Randi’s snowy Maine engagement session, I think they were both happy with their decision to get married in Jamaica this winter. I actually think I might hide in their suitcases when the time comes too. I have done photoshoots for Randi’s two younger sisters so I was SO excited it was her turn in front of my camera. Max and Randi have such a great relationship and I love that they don’t take themselves too seriously and are up for whatever! We may have almost froze to death, but you wouldn’t even know it in these gorgeous shots of them. Thank you both for being so great! xo!








I’ve been close with Amanda since we were in the THIRD GRADE, so getting to photograph her engagement session (and soon to be wedding) was really special to me. Amanda and Lincoln chose to do their session at Lincoln’s family camp on Manhanock Pond, Maine. This was also the site of their ACTUAL engagement. I think it may have been a little chillier on the frozen pond in January than it was when Lincoln proposed in August, but we had a lot of laughs regardless. These two have such a fun loving relationship and I am so excited to shoot their wedding on gorgeous Sebec Lake in July!