Josh and Michelle. Married. Bangor, Maine.

Josh and Michelle’s wedding day was such a joy to photograph.

They are both such positive and funny people that I don’t think I stopped smiling from arrival to when I left the reception. I’ve known Josh since third grade when our teacher thought we were twin brother and sister, and I’ve gotten to know Michelle through photographing their family a couple different times as well as Josh’s sister’s wedding last fall. Which you can see here. They both have such love and support from both sides, and it’s easy to see the value they place on family. Josh and Michelle are such amazing parent’s to a handsome little man named Carter. I love watching the interactions of their little family and it brings such joy to my heart to see the love between the three of them.

All in all, it was a beautiful wedding day. Rain or shine, it didn’t matter. The love shined through.



Carter was such a good boy and was lucky enough to spend time with BOTH Mommy and Daddy during the getting ready process.


Josh’s mother passed away just over a week before the wedding. She was a strong, kind, beautiful, and amazing woman. I am so lucky to have known her and you could feel her love looking over her family all day.


Love this next shot of the guys. Especially Carter’s serious look.


Carter took a little snooze during the ceremony. He wanted to pace himself.


Can you say cutest family ever?


This wedding party was a hoot. So many fun shots. Some of them may be questionable though…


I laughed so hard during their entrance.


So in love with the next shot. Made me teary.


Josh danced with his sister Aliza for their mother-son dance. It was an emotional moment, but you could definitely feel her there with everyone.


Michelle’s sister’s prepared a video with messages from everyone to Josh and Michelle. Loved that idea. Especially for those who couldn’t make it.


Then things got pretty weird from here on out…




Thank you Josh and Michelle!


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Anna and Derrick. Married. Blue Hill, Maine.

Anna and Derrick are the kind of people you find yourself smiling at when you watch them together from across the room. (is that creepy? oh well, it’s the truth.) They are so kind, loving and gentle with each other. It truly does the heart good just to be in their presence. Their wedding was one of the most calm, smooth flowing and laid back days I’ve ever been a part of. Their minds were solely focused on enjoying each other, their friends and family, and the day that tied them together. I loved being able to be with them through their special day and I know their life will be filled with nothing but bliss.


Getting married oceanside in the winter has to be one of the most romantic things of all time.


Anna was all smiles and laughs while I did her hair and makeup just an hour before her wedding. I think you could have told her there was a hurricane outside and she wouldn’t have batted an eye.


Anna’s baby, Ruger has to be one of the most photogenic dogs of all time. He kept stepping in front of the camera and posing. Like “Hey, let’s not forget who the real star is.”


The far right image above kills me. Those are Ruger’s “sexy eyes” haha!


Anna, you were a stunning bride and you are truly gorgeous, through and through.



Any bride who lets their dog jump all over their wedding dress immediately captures my heart.


The ceremony was beautiful.


Derrick’s son had to have been the most handsome best man of all time.


The groom’s reaction is forever my favorite.


The joy on their faces was so beautiful.




Off to the reception!


I loved the intimate feel to their reception.


Thank you Anna and Derrick for allowing me to capture your special day!



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Truly, Taylor. Personal

The past two years have been a whirlwind for me. I’ve gone from a full time hairstylist working in a salon knowing little to nothing about photography… to a full time photographer looking at busy wedding season ahead with over 25 weddings this year, not to mention dozens of seniors, countless families, and other unique “gigs” along the way. I have reached a sort of calm in my life that I didn’t plan on finding until I was much older. I am married to the person who know’s me best and loves me for it, I have developed a career that truly represents who I am, I have a sweet yellow lab as a best friend and everyday co-worker, not to mention that I am surrounded by so much love and positivity. From my family, my friends, my clients,  and my photography supporters. I am so thankful for the life I get to live each day and sometimes my heart is so full I feel as though it might burst.

Sometimes my job is so addicting and so enjoyable that I tend to “overwork” myself. I have a hard time putting it that way because my job gives back triple what I put in that I rarely feel exhausted by it. Photography has become so personal to me that I often find myself getting so caught up in my clients photography and forget that I should be capturing my own life as well. I can VSO Cam and Instagram with the best of them, but I can count on one hand the number of times I took out my camera for personal use. I vowed at the beginning of the year that it was going to change. So here we are, in March, and I’m showcasing my first personal photography blog post. I will try to share a personal post every week so you can see a little bit of what’s happening on the sidelines of t.Dow Photography.

I’m sure a lot of you know Mr. Windsor Witham. He is Wade and I’s sweet baby boy who brings so much joy to our lives. He enjoys eating… everything, swimming in Sebec Lake, meeting new friends…big and small, hogging the bed… and snow.

We decided to make the best of the now SIXTEEN to TWENTY inches of white stuff coming down today and throw a few snowballs around in the woods.


Windsor makes double chins look so cute.




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